The Bookkeeper's Kids

     T3 Bookkeeping began as a way for me to continue to be a Stay-At-Home Mom while contributing to my family financially.  I applied for a Virtual Assistant position but the employer decided to go with someone local. However, she noticed my Accounting degree on my resume and asked if i knew about Xero, the bookkeeping program she uses.  I became a Xero Certified Advisor, and with her & my family's support, my business was born.  During this process, I realized that, as usual, God had the perfect plan for my life.  When I graduated from college, the programs & technology necessary for a Virtual Accounting or Bookkeeping Firm were not really around yet.  What's more, I had no desire, right after college, to enter the Accounting profession; it promised 60 hour work weeks, moving to a big city to work for a firm where I was just another pencil pusher, and being a part of the "corporate" world.  After my husband's stint as a submariner in the Navy during the first five years of our marriage, I was looking forward to being a wife & mother.  So, we stayed in our small town (the one he swore he'd never live in again), bought our first home, and had a baby . . . or four.  With the dog and the rabbit, we're pretty happy in our little house, but a little crunched for space; which brings us back around to "reasons for starting a business" or "our house project." But while all businesses have a monetary motivation, I truly love my customers and hope to help them succeed in their businesses while I build mine.  I want them to feel that I am an extension of their business, not just a contractor they've hired to keep track of receipts.  Please contact me if this is how you want to be treated by your bookkeeper!